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Here, you will find agate cameo, precious stone objects, jewelry of unique quality, heraldry and monograms.
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Agate cameo

More than 250 different models are the basis of our agate cameo collection.

The cameo as tradition
The cameo in new design
tradition and new-age design that is the cameo of our time




It is especially thrilling and challenging for us to explore new methods in designing cameos. For the time being, the basis for cameo are rigorous and geometric forms.
The oblique exterior form as well as specially fitted coloured elements on the surface
of the engraving assure a unique character. Both elements are highly polished to bring forward the colours more intensively. Almost gently the girl's head fits into this form.



We are happy to design and develop any agate cameo exclusively to your own wishes and needs.




For further information please have a look at our contact page.

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Precious stone objects

The development and fashion of precious stone objects gives us special pleasure.
All objects and wall-pictured engravings are unique and manifactured by handicraft.

Light, colour and form are the most important design criteria when forming precious stone objects and framed engravings.
Those exclusive engravings are only manufactured of layer agates with particular colours and size.
With the engraving we want to demonstrate and communicate a certain "ease" and "elation"
My intention is to transfer these feelings to those who wish to buy my objects and support positively their own personal attitude.




Brazilian layer agates with sterling silver and obsidian socle object hight: 45 cm



engravings set in sterling silver and framed as picture


Please use our contact page for further information on other objects and pricing.

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Jewelry of unique quality

Jewelry manufactured and shown in our studio and dispatched to our costumers are unique pieces.
The engravings and gold settings are purely pieces of handicraft work.

We especially emphasize the individualism of each piece of jewelry, so as humans are individual in character and moods.
This is why jewelry should be wearable individually, nobly and pleasantly.

It takes a lot of essays until engraving and frame melt as optical unit in order to reach the desired result. This is why each piece of unique jewelry hides an interesting way of development - non-accessible to the observer.














If you are interested in one of the shown objects, please use the contact page with indicating the number referring to the picture. We'll contact you as soon as possbible.

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Heraldry and monograms


We engrave any sort of coat of arms and monograms according to your specific requests, using almost any sort of precious stones, quality-minded, reliable and of good value. Furthermore we engrave your rings and create individually demanded pieces of jewelry with coat of arms and monograms.

Have a look at the photos to get an idea of what we are capable.

Monograms in different forms and colours.

No.26: Heraldry, relief 30/22 mm layer agate, 14 ct gold set, wearable as pendant or brooch


monograms with different techniques and colours.

Extensive information material is at your disposal concerning any speciality on hedraldry, coat of arms or monograms. Attached to this, you will find specimen, price list and delivery times.

Please use our contact page for ordering the set of information.

No.29: Choice of seal rings with specimen printing.

No.30: Engraving of a coat of arms as intaglio 35/22mm, layer agate, 18 ct. gold set, wearable as pendant..

In case your seal ring should be worn off or dull, please do send it in. We will do our outmost to make shine again. Any scratched or worn off surface of precious stones and the dull appearance of your ring set can be polished at a fair price. Do not hesitate to ask us.

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