Jürgen Thom
born 9th of May 1962 in Idar-Oberstein




1978-81 apprenticeship as stone engraver in Hettenrodt
attendance of the vocational training college in Idar-Oberstein finished with the skilled worker`s certifikate
1981-84 skilled worker at Messrs. Heinz Postler in Hettenrodt
1984-85 attendance of the master school in Idar-Oberstein finished with the master craftsman´s certificate as stone engraver
since 1985 free-lance stone engraver
special line: design of reliefs and cameos
1990 construction of a residential and office building with studio and show- rooms
1994 seminars at the artist painter Philippe Devaud in Dambach "Painting of portraits and nudes"
1996 seminars at the European Art Academy in Trier
"Free figuration and study of heads"
2001 3nd Prize: International Competition
32nd German Jewellery and Precious Gem Prize Idar-Oberstein 2001
since 1985 exhibitions at home and abroad.


About my work:

The experience of four generations in the business of precious stones forms
the basis of my work. Already my great-grandfather has founded this
tradition as a stone sculptor.
My apprenticeship and further training were influenced by the detailed
and careful elaboration of the material.
When opening my studio in 1985, I decided to combine this traditional
craftmanship with the innovative design.

Practising the craft, respecting the tradition and being at the same time
creative and open for new ideas, this is the objective of my work.
The relief and shading technique forming the pillars of my work offer
enough space for creating new forms, colours and different expressions in
the engraving.

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Jürgen Thom