The studio


We heartily invite you to come along to our studio to further known the art of engraving. We are able to demonstrate and explain this particular art on 140 sqm of exhibition rooms and studio. Any unique juwelry, portrait engravings as well as precious stone objects can be seen here and studied carefully.



Jewelry and handicraft at heart

The pictures shown below were taken during our last exhibition, which lasted a fortnight. More than 350 people participated.

The cameo as pendant can be seen in maximized shape in the category " Unique Jewelry".

During this exhibition our vistitors were able to try themselves how to do engraving.
Lots of them appreciated this very much.

Opening times of our studio are as follows: monday to friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or upon request. Your visit is highly appreciated.

If you wish to receive a personal invitation to our next exhibition please use our contact page.